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Ruin #1 bisque fired porcelain, Ruin #2 (ephemeral), unfired porcelain, Ruin #3 bisque fired porcelain,
Dominik Mersch Gallery February 2019

Installations: About

REFLECTION  I - collaboration with Chelsea Chivers.
Mylar, Mylar emergency blanket, Perspex, Floppy Flex neon. Space dimensions: L2400, W1800, H2200

Installations: Photo Gallery

Reflection II - 2018
Mylar, Crochet Mylar gold and silver emergency blanket. Space dimensions: L2400, W1800, H 2200

Installations: Photo Gallery

The installations  deconstruct the clear delimitation line between reality and virtual reality and involve full sensory experiences for the viewers. Entropy is a continuing theme as Mylar fabric is cut, crocheted embroidered, used out of context and can never return to its original state.

Installations: About
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