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Video stills series, 3 inkjet prints

Aquarelle rag, 48 x 33 cms ea. (1/5) 2018

Transience #1
Transience #2
Transience #3


Video stills series, 5 inkjet prints

Aquarelle rag, 48 x 33 cm (1/5) 2018

Vanitas #1
Vanitas #2
Vanitas #3
Vanitas #4
Vanitas #5

Vanitas Video, 3m 10s
Original Music: Walter Jensen



Photographic Series, 3 inkjet prints

Aquarelle rag, 42 x 29.5 cm (1/5) 2018

Bleaching #1
Bleaching #2
Bleaching #3


Video stills series, 2 inkjet prints

Aquarelle rag, 43 x 38 cm (1/5) 2018

Deliquesce #1
Deliquesce #2

Dutch Master, Rachel Ruysch's (1664-1750) paintings of bouquets are brought to life in unfired clay. However, once brought to life their slow death is captured by time lapse video. The works are a symbol of entropy and ending. The brevity of life explored in the Dutch Golden Age that inspired the work is disturbingly paralleled to the current state of the global flower trade and the Western obsession with beauty and youth.


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