Originally trained in sculpture and drawing Wendy Miller is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist working across video, installation, objects, and mixed media. Unconfined by constraints of a single medium, her work investigates themes of ruin, disintegration and disorder. Paper for fragility, clay for disintegration or fabric for decadence, Miller selects materials that specifically encapsulate her aim in order to create works in which form and concept intrinsically coalesce.

In this way, Miller explores the current state of the Anthropocene; the irreversible impact of the human on the planet. Her work is a delicate tribute to botanicals with sinister undertones. She contrasts the beauty and intricacy of plants with a sense of darkness and devastation to shine a light on the irreversible acts of extinction and human destruction. Flora is portrayed as an incredibly charged subject matter that therefore enables her to explore contemporary themes of beauty, wonder and delicacy alongside themes of capitalism, colonialism and ecological ruin. The visual, olfactory and sensual nature of flora provides the theatre that slows the viewer to contemplate these larger issues.

Miller similarly draws on the theme of ruin to introspectively comment on the damage wreaked by colonialism. She examines the role her colonial ancestors played in the frontier wars that resulted in the near genocide of Tasmanian Aboriginals. Flora is used as a symbol of these atrocities throughout her work. In addressing these colonial histories Miller highlights the continuing global impact on contemporary society.